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Posted on 09-28-2017

Why Talk to Greenville Optometrists About Vision Loss?

Here at Carolina Vision Care, we work hard to preserve our patients’ eyesight for a lifetime. That’s why it’s critical that you understand the signs and symptoms of vision loss.

Most vision issues get worse with time.  If left untreated, they may get worse quite quickly, leading to a compromised vision for life, or even blindness.  If you want to avoid this, it is critical to schedule an eye examination so the optometrist has the best chance of determining what’s wrong and saving your eyesight.

Woman getting her eyes checked for low vision.

Symptoms of Vision Loss

It’s pretty obvious that something is wrong with your vision if you suddenly lose sight in one or both eyes.  If that happens, you should go straight to the hospital.  Other signs of vision trouble may not be so obvious, which is why eye doctors take special care to advise their patients particular signs to watch for.

For instance, our eye doctors recommend scheduling a visit if you notice:

Flashing lights

Gray areas

Red or pink eyes

Unusual or persistent discomfort

Trouble with contact lenses

Eye pain

Blurred vision

Darkened areas

If any of these symptoms occur, that’s a sign that you need to seek help. 

What Role Does an Eye Exam Play in Eye Care?

It goes without saying that if an optometrist isn’t able to assess the health of the eye, they cannot prescribe the proper course of eye care.  That’s where an eye exam comes in.  Via a series of tests, your optometrist can determine what is causing the vision loss and then create a treatment plan to help prevent further deterioration of sight.  Staying abreast of your eye health is important, so be sure to be seen regularly. 

Trust the Health of your Eyes to Carolina Vision Care

Whether or not you’ve noticed signs of vision loss, it’s important to have a strong relationship with an eye doctor in your area.  Without a local eye doctor that you can trust, you won’t know where to turn if something goes wrong.  Contact Carolina Vision Care at 252-752-4380 to make sure you have a team of vision experts on your side at all times. 

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