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Contact Lenses from Our Greenville Optometrist

It's estimated that half of all adult Americans suffer from refractive errors, so it's no surprise that corrective lenses are in such widespread use. Contact lenses are a popular option, either as a standalone solution or alternated with eyeglasses. But to achieve optimal results you need the right kind of lenses for your lifestyle and vision needs, making sure that they're perfectly fitted for your individual eyes. Our Greenville optometrist here at Carolina Vision Care, Dr. McIntosh, can help you pick out the perfect type of contact lenses and perform the necessary tests and measurements to ensure a comfortable, accurate fit.

Refractive errors occur when the eyes are eccentrically shaped (too long or too short) instead of nicely spherical, causing incoming light to be refracted incorrectly. Refractive errors take the form of hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. Astigmatism is the result of the cornea at the front of the eye having an abnormal curvature; it can occur alongside other refractive errors. Middle-aged people can also develop presbyopia, a stiffening of the intraocular lens that makes it hard to focus on both near and distant images. Once upon a time, contact lenses were limited in their ability to correct some of these disorders, but today's contact wearers have more options than ever. Our Greenville optometry center can fit you with:

  • Soft Lenses - Soft lenses are extremely comfortable because they're made of a flexible plastic that bends as you blink. They're the lens of choice for most people with uncomplicated refractive errors.
  • Disposable Lenses - Disposable lenses are discarded after one week, two weekly, on a monthly basis or some other predetermined schedule. 
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses - These "hard" contacts do a great job of correcting more severe or difficult refractive errors such as advanced astigmatism and keratoconus. These long-term lenses are designed to transfer oxygen to your eyes for comfortable all-day wear.
  • Toric Lenses - Toric lenses are another option for correcting mild to moderate astigmatism. These lenses are specially designed to sit on the cornea without rotating to ensure proper astigmatism correction.
  • Bifocal Lenses - Bifocal soft or RGP lenses have two distance corrections built into them, enabling you to switch from near objects to distant objects with ease. 
  • Tinted Lenses - If you want to try a different iris color or just enhance the one you have, tinted contacts from our Greenville optometrist offer both beauty and functionality.

Our Greenville optometry center performs detailed measures using corneal topography techniques to make sure your contacts fit correctly and compensate for your refractive error exactly. 

Schedule Your Greenville Contact Lens Fitting Today

Whatever your refractive needs may be, our Greenville optometrist can help you find the most sensible solution. Call 252-752-4380 today to schedule an initial vision exam or contact lens fitting. We look forward to helping you make better visual contact with the beautiful world around you!