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Viral Conjunctivitis Care at Our Eye Doctors in Greenville

When you experience any changes in your vision, or you develop red eyes, it’s important to call the team at Carolina Vision Care. Drs. Thomas, Scott, and Natalie McIntosh and his staff provide comprehensive care not just for routine eye exams, but also for conditions such as viral conjunctivitis. Visiting your eye doctor can help you receive the highest quality of care possible for conditions like this.

Little boy with pink eye needs treatment in Greenville.

What is Viral Conjunctivitis?

Viral conjunctivitis is a type of eye infection. While it is not uncommon, it does require immediate care from an eye doctor. Also known as “pink eye,” this condition is highly contagious. Eye conditions like this require care from your eye doctor specifically, since they are more equipped to evaluate the eye on a microscopic level. 

What Are the Symptoms to Look for in Eye Conditions Like This?

You should call your eye doctor if you experience any of the symptoms below or changes in vision. Eye conditions with these symptoms warrant immediate care.

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Discharge or crusting
  • Excessive tearing
  • Sensitivity to light

Your eye doctor will perform a visual exam to determine if you have “pink eye” (viral conjunctivitis) or another type of eye infection.

How Is Viral Conjunctivitis Treated?

The first step in treating this condition is to reduce symptoms. That includes using cold compresses and lubricants on the eyes to reduce itching and pain. Antiviral agents may be used including topical treatments given by your eye doctor.  Solutions and ointments prescribed by your optometrist can help alleviate symptoms; however, may increase the length of the eye infection - since the condition is viral, it must run its course. 

Preventing Viral Conjunctivitis

It may be possible to reduce the risk of spreading this condition. Washing hands frequently, avoiding touching the eyes, and temporarily discontinuing contact lens wear can help. It’s also important to avoid sharing towels or linens. Individuals who have “pink eye” also need to avoid going to school or work until the eye doctor says it is possible. Ongoing eye care is often necessary to ensure the virus clears up.

Call Carolina Vision Care for an Eye Exam and Eye Care

Call our office to schedule an eye exam or for any eye care, you need. As trusted, local eye doctors in Greenville, we’re always here to help you. Contact us at 252-752-4380 today.