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Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard to Fit Contacts in Greenville, NC

Contacts are a great way to correct vision without resorting to glasses, which can be cumbersome during physical activity, unattractive and all-around annoying. But not everyone has regularly shaped eyes, and when they’re irregular, that makes contacts hard to fit. If you’ve had bad luck with contacts in the past but would really like to make them work for you, the good news is it’s not hopeless. We here at Carolina Vision Care want to help in whatever way we can, so let us get you the vision you need today.

hard to fit contacts in Greenville, NC

Greenville Eye Doctor Explains the Challenges of Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

Our Greenville Eye Doctor can help you with a wide variety of vision needs. Contact lenses are traditionally difficult to use if you have extra eye conditions, however, which is why our Greenville Eye Doctor provides contact lens exams and fittings even for traditionally hard to fit eyes.

Any of the following conditions can make contact lens fitting and comfortable contact lens wear more challenging:

Keratoconus: Keratoconic corneas jut outward from the eye in a bulbous fashion, rather like a wart or mole. This distortion of the cornea makes your eyes focus differently, resulting in double vision, multiple images, glares, halos and more.

Astigmatism: Astigmatic corneas are also irregularly shaped, meaning light focuses incorrectly in the eye. The bulge on the front of the eye can make glasses very hard to fit.

Dry eyes: When your eyes are dry, it can cause serious discomfort when wearing contact lenses, and you need a different option.

Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC): This inflammatory condition is actually common in those who wear contact lenses, often caused by hayfever or other allergies.

Post-refractive surgery (such as LASIK): While the goal of vision surgery is to correct eyesight, contact lenses may sometimes still be needed afterward, but it’s important to get them right.

Presbyopia: When the eye loses elasticity, the result can often be farsightedness, which can sometimes make wearing contacts difficult.

Contact Lens Exam with Your Greenville Optometrist

If you suspect you may have any of the above conditions that make wearing contacts difficult, you should get a contact lens exam from your Greenville optometrist. Doing so can help ensure better, more comfortable contact wear for life. Call our Greenville optometrist to set up your contact lens exam today.

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    -Jennifer L.