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Diabetic Eye Care

Carolina Vision Care: Your Optometrist in Greenville, NC Providing Diabetic Eye Care

diabetic eye exam

Our optometrist in Greenville can not only provide eye care for diabetes sufferers, but may be able to diagnose diabetes or pre-diabetes in an eye exam. Learn how diabetes self-management includes proper eye care, with our help.

How Diabetes Effects the Eyes

Diabetes affects many parts of your body, including the eyes. Even if you have clear eyesight and do not need vision correction, your medical doctor may recommend a diabetic exam for the eyes. 

Diabetes, as well as aging, can cause eye health problems to develop suddenly. Some of these conditions have no symptoms that would affect your sight, yet can be detected by an optometrist during an eye exam. 

Conditions caused by diabetes include:

  • Cataracts - Cataracts cloud the vision, becoming worse over time until you can no longer see clearly. These can be surgically removed to restore clear sight. 
  • Glaucoma - Glaucoma causes blindness by slowly robbing you of your sight. Eye doctors can slow down the progression of the disease, helping you preserve your vision. 
  • Diabetic retinopathy - This eye condition causes blurred vision and blindness, and is exacerbated by poor blood sugar management. 

The good news is, many of these conditions are manageable, especially when they are caught early on. Thus, it is important to protect your eyes by having one or more diabetic exams per year. 

What to Expect in a Diabetic Vision Exam 

When you visit our Greenville optometrist, we will take a health history and ask about any vision symptoms you have, such floaters, or any medication you take. 

Our optometrist in Greenville will then examine your eyes using a flashlight and check your vision by having you read an eye chart. At this point, we may recommend a change in your prescription to help you see clearly. 

The last step in a diabetic exam is to examine the internal structure of the eyes. To do this, our optometrist in Greenville will use an optometry tool called a slit lamp. This allows us to see the cornea, optic nerve, and retina. If there are signs of diabetic retinopathy or any other eye condition, we will be able to recognize and act. 

If we find something wrong, we can discuss the condition with you and recommend lifestyle and dietary changes to safeguard your eyes. If we think medication can help, we will write you a prescription for oral medication or medicated eyedrops. Depending on what we find, we may ask you to come back for follow-up care. 

Schedule A Diabetic Eye Exam with Greenville Optometrist

Let our Greenville optometrist help you stay on top of your eye health with a diabetic exam, care of diabetic retinopathy, and more. Diabetes puts you at an elevated risk of eye health problems, but regular optometry checkups can help you manage vision problems. To schedule your next appointment at our optometry clinic serving Greenville and the surrounding communities, please reserve your appointment online or call us today at (252) 752-4380. 


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