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Sports Vision FAQs

Frequently Asked Sports Vision Questions at Carolina Vision Care

If you're an athlete, you may have come across the term "sports vision" from time to time without really understanding what it was all about. How does this special form of eye care relate to your performance in your favorite sport? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on this topic at Carolina Vision Care in Greenville.

Sports Vision

What Does "Sports Vision" Refer To?

The term "sports vision" refers to a degree of visual acuity and precision that goes above and beyond normal "good eyesight." It emphasizes fine performance in specific skills that can make all the difference between victory and 2nd place in a particular kind of sporting event.

I Already Achieve 20/20 on Vision Tests. Doesn't That Mean I Have Perfect Vision?

A 20/20 score on the standard Snellen vision chart doesn't mean that your vision is perfect. There can be other undiagnosed problems such as abnormal eye alignment, poor depth perception or color vision.

What Special Visual Skills Do Athletes Need?

Different kinds of athletes require different kinds of specialized visual skills. Tennis or hockey players, for instance, need to be able to track a moving target at high speed. Archers or target shooters may need strong color perception and binocular vision to hit that bullseye. Golfers may need good contrast perception to make out a ball against a blue sky or green turf.

How Does Carolina Vision Care Evaluate My Sports Vision?

Our doctors and staff use a variety of advanced devices and techniques to evaluate your current state of eye function and visual acuity. For example, we run tests to check your side vision, depth perception, eye tracking ability, ocular alignment, and color perception.

What Techniques Can You Use to Improve My Sports Vision?

Once we've uncovered any weaknesses in your sports vision, we can correct those weaknesses with targeted treatments and therapies. In some cases, tinted lenses and/or an upgraded corrective lens prescription can prove invaluable. You might also benefit from eye exercises that improve focus, tracking and teaming, or eye patching to normalize eye dominance and boost depth perception.

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