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Blepharitis Treatment

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Carolina Vision Care Optometrist Explains the Symptoms of Blepharitis

Blepharitis occurs when the eyelids are inflamed, irritated, itchy, and covered with scales similar to dandruff flakes.  It is an eyelid condition caused by bacteria, rosacea, or inadequate eyelid hygiene. Blepharitis may impair your vision by producing a variety of symptoms, including: 

      • Dryness and redness of the eyes
      • Crusty, matted eyes
      • Flaking around the eyes and eyelashes
      • Swelling of the eyelids
      • A gritty, stinging, or burning sensation of the eyes
      • Itchy eyelids
      • Excessive tearing
      • Crust in the eyelashes when waking up

If not treated, blepharitis can promote loss of eyelashes as well as redness and irritation of the eyes/eyelids.

How is Blepharitis Treated?

A painless procedure administered in-office; “BlephEx” is the newest, most advanced treatment for dry eye and blepharitis symptoms. Instead of providing patients with time-intensive at home treatments, our eye doctors now take active roles in treating blepharitis by eliminating the bacterial debris responsible for the inflammation, scales, and irritating symptoms of dry eye all while you are in the exam chair.  

Benefits of BlephEx™

“I have seen excellent results in patients with previously constant eye irritation, and now, following the BlephEx procedure are symptom-free.” - Dr. Scott McIntosh

Complete removal of the irritating bacteria and their toxins eliminates the cause of the inflammation and leads to healthier eyelids and a natural increase in tear production. In fact, people with dry eye syndrome who are treated with BlephEx often discover they can stop using over the counter artificial tears or lessen the amount they currently use.

Your eye doctor may recommend you repeat BlephEx treatments every few weeks if your blepharitis was particularly severe and accompanied by dry eye symptoms.

How does BlephEx™ work?

BlephEx works by utilizing a patented hand piece that carefully spins a tiny, medical grade sponge along the edges of your eyelids where the eyelashes meet your eyelids. This micro-sponge effectively removes the debris and scales produced by blepharitis as it gently exfoliates your eyelids. 

Prior to beginning the BlephEx treatment, a numbing drop will be placed in each eye to increase comfort. After completing the six to eight-minute treatment, the eyelids will then be rinsed thoroughly. Patients undergoing BlephEx will be given instructions regarding how to maintain their clean eyelids at home following the procedure.

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