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Posted on 06-12-2017

Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses in Greenville, NC

If you spend part of your day squinting, chances are, you will benefit from a pair of prescription sunglasses. Our optometrists find that many of our patients squint and strain their eyes outdoors, or while driving, wearing just their regular (prescription) eyewear. Other patients strain their eyes when they don regular sunglasses (non-prescription), in place of their Rx eyeglasses when going out into the sun. This uncomfortable squinting alone is a reason to accept our optometrist’s recommendation for prescription sunglasses at your annual eye exam.

Teens with stylish prescription sunglasses.

Prescription Sunglasses Help You See Better, Be Comfortable, and Stay Safe in Sunny Conditions

Everyone struggles with their eyesight outdoors. People don’t see as well as they should outdoors in the sun, and often times they are uncomfortable, too. Their eyes may water and they may look down for comfort. This can lead to issues if you are driving without proper eyewear, which can be dangerous. If either of these scenarios describes you, please consider prescription sunglasses from our eye doctors for proper eye care and UV protection. Otherwise, you’ll miss what’s going on in the world around you.

Prescription Sunglasses Keep Your Eyes Healthy

When you wear proper eyewear with UV protection, properly tinted glasses block UV rays that cause eye damage. UV radiation can contribute to eye diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration and more. Even if you're wearing a hat to prevent sun exposure, put those dark glasses on. Reflected UV rays, from window glare, light-colored sidewalks or snow, for example, can be more damaging than direct sun exposure. You should always have a pair of sunglasses from our optometrist in your pocket, purse or car so that you can go into the sun with style and comfort--and protect your vision.

Great Looking Prescription Sunglasses from Our Eye Doctors Near Greenville

Our eye care practice offers a wide selection of frames for prescription sunglasses to suit every taste, budget and face shape. Our skilled opticians can help you choose the ideal sunglass frames and adjust the fit to perfection. If you prefer, choose prescription eyeglasses that become darker when you go in the sun. This way, you never have to carry your sunglasses or switch glasses when you go outside.

Get Prescription Sunglasses You'll Love to Wear at Our Eye Doctors in Greenville

If you're squinting, it's time to schedule an eye exam at our eye doctors near Greenville. You'll be surprised how great you feel in a pair of sunglasses made just for you. Contact Carolina Vision Care at 252-752-4380 today.

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